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Mystic Pizza: Connecticut's Most Famous Pizzeria

1988 Movie Put Mystic Pizza on the Map


Mystic Pizza in Mystic Connecticut Photo

Connecticut travelers still enjoy making a pilgrimage to Mystic Pizza, the little pizzeria in Mystic, Connecticut, made famous by the Julia Roberts movie of the same name.

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It's been more than two decades since the movie Mystic Pizza put a little pizza parlor in southeastern Connecticut on the map. Visitors to Mystic still flock to Mystic Pizza, though, to catch a glimpse of movie memorabilia, to savor "a slice of heaven" and to wish fervently that their waitress will look just like Julia Roberts.

Mystic Pizza has been a fixture in the seaside town since 1973 when it was opened by the Zelepos family, and while the pizza alone was sufficient lure for many years, the pizzeria's fate took an amazing turn when it caught the eye of screenwriter Amy Jones, who spent a summer in the Mystic area. Jones chose Mystic Pizza as the setting for her story of three waitresses' romantic pursuits in the summer after their high school graduation.

Mystic Pizza served as the inspiration for the movie "set," which was actually created in a North Stonington, Connecticut, warehouse. The restaurant itself was too small for filming and also could not afford to close for the months-long project.

The film's 1988 release caused quite a stir in Mystic, as fans lined up outside the pizzeria to taste its signature pies and to purchase souvenirs, including their own "A Slice of Heaven" T-shirts identical to the one worn by Julia Roberts in the movie. Since 1988, Mystic Pizza has expanded its Mystic location at 56 West Main Street and has also opened a second location in North Stonington at the rotary where Routes 2 and 184 converge.

While the lines and the "mania" have mostly subsided, Mystic Pizza is still a popular hang-out, particularly for out-of-towners. Julia Roberts' remarkable career since this early film has helped to propel the pizzeria's popularity. The pizza is excellent, too. Don't miss the Seafood Delight topped with shrimp, clams, scallops, mozzarella, garlic and red sauce.

For hours and other information, call Mystic Pizza at 860-536-3700 or 860-536-3737. Contact the North Stonington location at 860-599-3111. If you can't get to southeastern Connecticut, visit the Mystic Pizza Web site for information on finding the Mystic Pizza line of frozen pizzas in your local grocery store.

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The 1988 film starring Julia Roberts and Annabeth Gish remains one of the most popular movies ever set and filmed in Connecticut.

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