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Connecticut Travel Guide

Connecticut travel guide featuring Connecticut-based travel writer Kim Knox Beckius' best recommendations and vacation ideas for CT. Discover dining and shopping experiences, hotels and inns, top attractions, casinos, camping, outdoor recreation and more.
  1. Connecticut Accommodations (66)
  2. Connecticut Arts & Culture (11)
  3. Connecticut Camping (25)
  4. Connecticut Casinos (11)
  5. Connecticut Dining (29)
  6. Connecticut Fall Foliage
  7. Connecticut Freebies (5)
  8. Connecticut History
  9. Connecticut Limos (10)
  10. Connecticut Maps (12)
  11. Connecticut Nightlife (13)
  12. Connecticut Pictures (21)
  13. Connecticut Shopping (29)
  14. Connecticut Sightseeing (54)
  15. Connecticut Spas (8)
  16. Connecticut Sports/Leisure (22)
  17. Connecticut for Families (21)
  18. Hartford (21)

Connecticut Things To Do
There are more things to do in Connecticut than you may expect. Before you decide to breeze through the state without stopping, browse this guide to the top CT attractions and discover all that awaits within Connecticut's borders.

Favorite Connecticut Attractions
Travelers share their favorite Connecticut attractions. Please chime in and tell us yours!

All is Fair!
If you're in search of family entertainment and the chance to visit a real, old-fashioned agricultural fair, Connecticut delivers with more than 50 fairs statewide from July through October. Here's a close-up look at 10 agricultural fairs within easy driving distance of Hartford, Connecticut.

Deal or No Deal is Now Filming in CT (and Tickets are Free!)
Deal or No Deal TV game show tickets. How to get free tickets to be in the live studio audience for a taping of Deal or No Deal with host Howie Mandel in Waterford, Connecticut.

Connecticut Cell Phone Law: Don't Get Caught Talking and Driving
A cell phone law effective October 1, 2005 requires Connecticut drivers to use a hands-free device when talking on a cell phone while driving. Here is information on Connecticut's strict cell phone law, along with advice about purchasing a hands-free device and avoiding a fine if you receive a ticket for using a cell phone while operating a motor vehicle.

List of Connecticut Newspapers
A list of Connecticut newspapers including daily and weekly newspapers published for Connecticut cities and towns.

What Do You Call Someone From Connecticut?
What do you call someone from Connecticut? Connecticuter? Nutmegger? Connecticutian? There are actually several names used for Connecticut residents; here's a look at the best and most acceptable terms.

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