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Museum of Fine Arts, Boston: Highlights of the MFA's Art of the Americas Wing


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A Rockwellian View of the '60s
Norman Rockwell New Kids in the Neighborhood

Leave it to beloved New England painter Norman Rockwell to depict suburban racial tension with sensitivity, realism and a light touch.

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Although I tend to find contemporary art perplexing at times, the third level of the Art of the Americas Wing, which is devoted to 20th-Century Art Through the Mid 1980s, still held many delights for me. One standout was this original oil painting by one of New England's most commercially successful artists: Norman Rockwell. Painted in 1967 to accompany a Look magazine article about middle-class African-American families moving into Chicago's traditionally white suburbs, it captures a slice of American life during a turbulent decade. Interestingly, the wall text accompanying the painting notes that Rockwell relied on local New Englanders, as usual, as the models for this painting.

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