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Autumn Screensavers - Free New England Autumn Screensavers

If you love scenes of fall foliage in New England, here are autumn screensavers--some free, some available for purchase--that will allow you to enjoy autumn's beauty on your computer screen.

Autumn in Vermont Screensaver
This free screensaver from Ultimate Savers features 46 images of autumn in Vermont by photographer Tim Seaver.

Autumn Lovers Supreme
You may find it hard to get back to work when this free screensaver begins to reveal its collection of 84 images of the fall season.

Autumn Scenes Screensaver
From Freeze.com (formerly RI Soft Systems), here is a free autumn screensaver featuring lush leaves bursting into the colors of fall.

Autumn Season Screensaver
Watch leaves change from green to orange, yellow and red with this screensaver featuring 23 autumn images. It's free for a seven-day trial period, after which the software must be registered.

Colors of Autumn Screensaver
This free screensaver features 60 images of the most colorful season of the year.

Colors of Fall Photo Screensaver
The sights of fall come alive in this free screensaver.

Leaves Screensaver
This freeware program allows you to watch leaves fall and collect on your desktop. It's customizable, so you select the rate and density at which leaves pile up. No raking required!

Maine Fall Photography Screensaver
The Schooner J. & E. Riggin offers this free autumn screensaver featuring images snapped during this Maine Windjammer's annual Fall Photography Cruise.

Reflection of Leaves in Vermont Screensaver
Download this free screensaver, and enjoy a stunning image of autumn in Vermont every time your computer drifts off to sleep.

Signs of Fall Screensaver
Your sleeping screen can transport you to an autumn oasis when you download this free, easy-to-install screensaver.

3D Falling Leaves Screensaver
This free 3D Falling Leaves screensaver from Freeze.com (formerly RI Soft Systems) features an autumn scene with an old cabin on the shore of a rippling pond. Watch ducks swim on the pond and deer meander by as autumn leaves fall.

The Yellows of Autumn Screen Saver
This free screensaver features gently cascading yellow leaves against the backdrop of autumn trees.

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