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Lobster Facts - Learn About Lobsters with these Lobster Facts

Lobster facts including answers to your burning questions about lobsters, how to care for live lobsters and surprising lobster trivia.

Male or Female Lobster? How Can You Tell?
How do you tell a male lobster from a female lobster? Here's a quick, visual lesson.

What is that Squishy Green Stuff Inside a Lobster?
Surprise! Fact is: Lobsters aren't all yummy deliciousness. Learn exactly what that green squishy stuff is inside a lobster and why you're best off not eating it (even though some consider it a delicacy).

Fun Lobster Facts
Enjoy these fun bits of lobster trivia from Red Lobster.

Live Lobster Care
From Lobster Gram, here's your guide to how to babysit live lobsters before dinner!

Lobster Facts
From Pine Point Seafood, here are the answers to burning questions such as "What is this clump of little red balls in my lobster's tail?"

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