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How To Eat Lobster - Step By Step Photos - New England Travel
Learn how to eat lobster like a New Englander! Lobster is New England's signature delicacy, but eating a whole lobster can be intimidating for first-timers.
Lobster Eating Instructions and Pictures - How To Twist Off the Claws
When you're eating lobster, start by twisting off each of the lobster's claws at the point where they are attached to the body. American lobsters have one crusher ...
New England Lobster Facts Fun Recipes Restaurants and Online ...
Lobster facts, fun, recipes, restaurants, and sources for ordering New England lobsters online.
9 Facts About Lobsters - Lobster Facts - Marine Life - About.com
When you think of lobster, do you think of a bright red crustacean on your dinner plate, or a territorial creature roaming caves in the ocean? Despite their fame as ...
Italian Lobster Risotto Recipe - Fish and Seafood Cooking - About.com
This is a recipe for lobster risotto from Sardinia, an island off the coast of mainland Italy. This lobster risotto is rich with lobster stock and a pinch of saffron.
Lobster Cooking Tips and Hints - Home Cooking - About.com
Left or right-handed? Which lobster is sweeter? Get the answer along with more lobster cooking tips and hints.
Basic Boiled Lobster Recipe: How to Cook a Lobster
As easy as it is, there are a few things to know about how to boil a lobster. This is not so much a recipe for cooking lobster as it is a preparation.
Spiny Lobster - All About Pacific Lobster - Local Foods - About.com
Learn all about spiny lobster - from when to buy it to how to cook it.
Easy Lobster Bisque Recipe - Southern Food - About.com
Lobster bisque recipe. This lobster bisque is made with lobster meat, butter, milk, a little sherry, and a dash of steak sauce for extra flavor.
Lobster History - Home Cooking - About.com
It's hard to believe that lobster was once considered poor man's food and was even used as fish bait, but this is indeed the case. Today, it is a bit more costly but  ...
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