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A New England Tradition
Bringing Home the Christmas Tree

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Some of my fondest childhood holiday memories involve those annual family outings to seek, identify, capture, and bring home the perfect Christmas tree. There was the year that all of the trees were too tall and folks lopped off just the tops of them... and the year we were so cold we would've settled for just about any tree. And there was always that inevitable agony for Dad as he turned the tree 'round and 'round until we all agreed on just which side was its most picture perfect.

The old-fashioned tradition of bringing home the Christmas tree is alive and well here in New England. Everywhere you drive these days, you see prized pines tied tightly to car roofs. There's something about the sight and scent of a fresh-cut New England evergreen that just can't be duplicated by any artificial means. 

You may find this odd, but it's been many years since I've embarked on a tree-hunt of my own. I've been reluctant to see if a tree could co-exist peacefully with my maniacal cat. But this year, I simply couldn't resist the temptation to celebrate the holidays in proper New England style with a proper, locally grown tree.

If you'll indulge me, I'll take you along to Humphrey's Cherry Brook Farm in Canton, Connecticut, on a virtual tour of my quest for the perfect little tree. If you've opted for an artificial tree, or you live in a warmer climate where cutting your own tree is not an option, you may just find that this photo journey rekindles old memories of Christmases past. And, remember, there is still time to bring home your own New England Christmas tree for the holidays. Consult my directory of links to Christmas Tree Farms in the region for possibilities.

The farm that gave "birth" to my beautiful white spruce has been owned by one family for 250 years. The annual sale of Christmas trees has allowed the Humphrey family to keep the farm from being sold for development, even though none of this generation's members are farmers. Located on Route 179 in Canton, Connecticut, Cherry Brook Farm has trees available for sale on weekends. Call (860) 693-4066 or (860) 693-8768 for more information. 

Got your cyber-scarf and e-mittens? It's time to look for a tree...


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