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Fall Foliage Clip Art
Scanned Images of Fall Leaves Gathered on Autumn Walks in Maine

These fall foliage clip art images were created by Debby Fowles (read more below) and may be used free on your Web site or documents with credit and a link back to this page, as follows: From Fall Foliage Clip Art: About.com New England Travel.

Please do NOT link directly to the images here. To place them on your Web page or document, right click on the desired image (Control + click for Mac users) to download each leaf to your computer.

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Maine fall foliage gold leaf 2 (5k) Maine fall foliage red leaf 3 (5k) Maine fall foliage gold leaf 4 (13k) Maine fall foliage gold leaf 1 (14k) Maine fall foliage maple leaf 1 (13k)

Maine fall foliage red leaf 4 (9k) Maine fall foliage gold leaf 5 (8k)Maine fall foliage gold leaf 6 (11k) Maine fall foliage gold leaf 7 (10k)Maine fall foliage red leaf 6 (7k)

Maine fall foliage red leaf 7 (12k)Maine fall foliage red leaf 8 (10k) Maine fall foliage gold leaf 9 (9k)

Maine fall foliage gold leaf 10 (34k) Maine fall foliage maple leaf 2 (12k) Maine fall foliage ed leaf 5 (13k) Maine fall foliage leaf 2 (18k)

Ideas for Using Fall Foliage Clip Art: Use these images to add a fall touch to recipe cards, school worksheets, calendar pages, Web pages, stationery, business cards, homework, PowerPoint presentations, flyers for all events, party invitations, newsletters, notepads, more. Have fun!

A Note About the Creator: It's hard to believe it's been more than 15 years since my late friend and colleague Debby Fowles created these clip art images from real Maine leaves she gathered during her walks. Debby was a Mainer through and through: attuned to the seasons, delighting in all of the gifts that fall brings each year, especially apples and colorful foliage. It was 1999--the Internet was new! Before then, clip art came in printed books. Do you remember? It was nearly impossible to cut out and use a clip art image on a document without getting that telltale line around the graphic when you copied the page. If you use these fall foliage clip art images, please know they were created with love--a gift from Maine to the world--by a wonderful woman who I miss every day. ~Kim

New to Using Clip Art? About.com's Web Clip Art Expert Dixie Allan offers helpful tutorials to show you how to download clip art from the Internet and how to get great results using clip art.

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Fall leaf clip art graphics copyright Deborah M. Fowles 2000-2003 and licensed to About.com. Inc.

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