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Fall Leaf Clip Art
Scanned Images of Fall Leaves Gathered on Autumn Walks in Maine

These fall leaf clip art images were created by Debby Fowles and may be used free on your Web site or documents with credit and a link back to this page, as follows: From Fall Leaf Clip Art: About.com New England Travel.

Please do NOT link directly to the images here. To place them on your Web page or document, right click on the desired image (click and hold for Mac users) to download each leaf to your computer.

More Fun with Fall Leaves: Leaf Rubbings | Fall Crafts | Request A Free Fall Leaf

Maine fall foliage gold leaf 2 (5k)Maine fall foliage red leaf 3 (5k)Maine fall foliage gold leaf 4 (13k)Maine fall foliage gold leaf 1 (14k)Maine fall foliage maple leaf 1 (13k)

Maine fall foliage red leaf 4 (9k)Maine fall foliage gold leaf 5 (8k)Maine fall foliage gold leaf 6 (11k)Maine fall foliage gold leaf 7 (10k)Maine fall foliage red leaf 6 (7k)

Maine fall foliage red leaf 7 (12k)Maine fall foliage red leaf 8 (10k)Maine fall foliage gold leaf 9 (9k)

Maine fall foliage gold leaf 10 (34k)Maine fall foliage maple leaf 2 (12k)Maine fall foliage ed leaf 5 (13k)Maine fall foliage leaf 2 (18k)

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Fall leaf graphics copyright Deborah M. Fowles 2000-2003 and licensed to About.com. Inc.

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