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New England Q&A Archive

Question 45 - September 25, 2000

I am trying to plan a trip to a resort that would resemble the resort in the movie "Dirty Dancing"... any ideas????????

Debra C.

Answer from Kim Knox,
About.com Guide to New England for Visitors:

Hi Debra!

I loved "Dirty Dancing!" The movie was actually "set" in one of the grand old resorts in the Catskills of upstate New York. There are still several of the old New York resorts in business that you might consider:

Mohonk Mountain House

Williams Lake

The Nevele Grande Hotel

Friar Tuck Inn

If you're definitely set on New England as opposed to New York State, one that comes to mind is:

The Balsams (Dixville Notch, New Hampshire)

I hope that's helpful!

All best wishes,
Kim Knox
About.com Guide to New England for Visitors

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