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New England Q&A Archive

Question 36 - May 9, 2000

Sorry, I know this is a little early, but I need to make reservations since I am coming from out of state. Do you know what night Halloween will be celebrated in Salem, Mass., this year? I thank you in advance if you can find this out for me. 


Answer from Kim Knox,
About.com Guide to New England for Visitors:

Hi Myrna, 

Salem actually celebrates "Haunted Happenings" throughout most of the month of October (it will be October 6-31, 2000), and there certainly will be events taking place on Halloween itself, Tuesday, October 31, but I'd say that your best bet might be to make sure that you're in town on Saturday evening, October 28. That's the date the Hawthorne Hotel has set for its annual costume ball. A street fair will take place on that day as well. 

The best site for watching out for what's been scheduled for Haunted Happenings is probably: 

SalemWeb also has an October 2000 calendar of events.

And don't miss my article about Spooktacular Salem!

I hope that helps!

All best wishes,
Kim Knox
About.com Guide to New England for Visitors

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