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How Old is Your Dog Really? A Tidbit from the 2000 Old Farmer's Almanac

Well I'll be doggoned. It's time to learn a new trick! I've always been secure in my knowledge of the little rule that to determine a dog's age, you simply multiplied the dog's age by seven. Leave it to The Old Farmer's Almanac to debunk that myth! Imagine my surprise when I turned to page 180 of the millennium edition of the Almanac to find a year-by-year table to help me determine a dog's real age!

It seems that dogs mature rather more rapidly than humans (including probably a few that I know!), and thus a one-year-old dog is really about age 15 in human equivalent measures. After its first two years, a dog ages at about a rate of four human years per year, and after the dog's 13th year, its rate of aging slows to 2-1/2 years per calendar year.

Confused yet? Luckily, Almanac.com, the official Web site of The Old Farmer's Almanac, has a copy of the dog years table online so that you can chart your pooch's aging process from birth to age 112!

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Photograph of Farmer's Almanac 2000 by Kim Knox, copyright 1999.

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