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Video - Ice Harvesting in Maine

When my husband proposed we spend Valentine's Day 2010 harvesting ice in Maine, my first thought was: He really knows how to show a girl a hot time! The second was: Ice harvesting could be wicked cool. I was right. As you'll see in this video, harvesting ice using 19th-century tools and techniques remains a cherished tradition at the Thompson Ice House on Thompson Pond in South Bristol, Maine.

Be an Ice Harvester for a Day

Ice harvesting is hard work, and when they harvest ice in South Bristol, Maine, the atmosphere is always: The more the merrier! Want to help with the annual ice harvest? The 2014 ice harvest will take place on Sunday, February 16. The Sunday of President's Day Weekend is typically the date of the annual ice harvesting event (weather conditions permitting; check the Thompson Ice House Web site for information). By mid-morning, ice harvesting is in full swing, and kids and adults can use old-fashioned ice harvesting tools to help move the 400-pound blocks of ice from the ice field, through the channel and up the wooden ramp to the Thompson Ice House. South Bristol's ice house, which supplies the community with ice all summer long, is a partial replica, reconstructed in 1990 using salvaged materials from the ice house that stood on this site from 1826 until 1985.

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