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New England's Most Photographed Farm

Jenne Farm in Reading, Vermont, is Popular with Photographers


Jenne Farm Vermont

Located in Reading, Vermont, Jenne Farm is reputed to be New England's most photographed farm.

(c) 2003 Kim Knox Beckius

Located in Reading, Vermont, Jenne Farm is reputed to be New England's and perhaps even North America's most photographed farm. What makes this somewhat remarkable is that this private farm, located on a dirt road, isn't exactly heavily promoted. The only sign indicating its presence is a tiny board on Route 106 advertising "maple syrup."

Luckily, we asked for directions to Jenne Farm before leaving Woodstock, Vermont, on Route 106 South. From Woodstock, the farm is about a 15-minute drive. You'll want to keep your eyes out for Jenne Road on the right-hand side.

Just how "famous" is Jenne Farm? If it looks oddly familiar to you, there is a good reason. Photographs of the farm have appeared on posters, notecards and calendars. Jenne Farm has also graced magazine covers, appeared in a Budweiser commercial and served as a setting in movies such as Forrest Gump and Funny Farm.

Fall is, of course, the most popular time for photographers to invade this bucolic farm in the hopes of capturing its image on film. In the wintertime, the red-painted farm buildings are particularly attractive when framed in white. Whatever the season, if you're going to set up your tripod or pose the kids, it's a nice idea to purchase some syrup before you leave.

More Views of Jenne Farm: Jenne Farm in the Fall by Bob Chen and Jenne Farm in the Winter by Arnold John Kaplan, APSA-AFIAP.

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