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Fenway Photo Gallery

Come Along on a Virtual Tour of Fenway Park, Home to the Red Sox Since 1912


On a sunshine-filled summer afternoon, there is perhaps no better place to be in all of New England than Fenway Park, historic home of Major League Baseball's Boston Red Sox.

Baseball fans have been energized and agonized by the exploits of some of baseball's greatest players at Fenway since 1912. Now, thanks to the Internet, I can provide you with a virtual look at the venerable old stadium and its fascinating history.

If you've cheered on the Red Sox at Fenway, these photos may bring back memories of juicy hot dogs, homeruns soaring over the Green Monster and World Series dreams. If you've never been to Fenway, this virtual visit may just inspire you to purchase tickets for a Red Sox home game.

And the game I'll take you to, from the 2000 season, isn't just any day at the ballpark. When Red Sox star pitcher Pedro Martinez took the mound at Fenway, fans were in for a special treat indeed. In fact, I was told my bleacher seat could fetch $50 on the street before the game, solely due to the fact that it was Martinez's turn in the pitching rotation. Of course, Martinez left the Red Sox after the 2004 world championship season.

So, don your Red Sox cap, sit back, and click along with me as I take you out to the ballgame on a sparkling Boston day.

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