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Submit a New England Photo!

Share Your Pictures of New England with the Web's Worldwide Audience


Would you like to share your New England photos with other visitors to New England? Submit your photo, and it may be chosen for publication and included in my gallery of New England images shared by travelers.

Here's how to submit a photo:

1. Use a digital camera or scan your favorite photo and save as a .jpg file.

2. Open an email window by clicking this link: gonewengland@aboutguide.com.

3. Copy and paste the following text into the email window. All text must be included for photo to be considered for publication.

    First Name:
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    Email Address:

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    Would you like to have your email address included on the page? (Choose one.)
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    Name and description of photo:

    Location where photo was taken:

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4. COMPLETE the required information in your email window, add your photo as an attachment, and send the completed email to gonewengland@aboutguide.com.

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