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New England Thanksgiving Cornucopia - Thanksgiving Travel Food History FunNew England Thanksgiving Cornucopia
Celebrate an Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving--It All Started Here in New England!

New England Thanksgiving Quick Links: Travel | Fun | History | Recipes

Cornucopia Picture - Thanksgiving CornucopiaHappy Thanksgiving from the place where it all started--right here in New England!

From the Pilgrims' first feast in 1621 to our modern football-saturated cozy family gatherings, Americans have made the Thanksgiving holiday uniquely their own.

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As you prepare to reflect upon the things that you are grateful for (the Internet is high on my list... I'll bet the Pilgrims never foresaw this type of progress!), I've assembled a virtual Thanksgiving Cornucopia of online resources to help make your holiday a memorable one, filled with the spirit, warmth and nostalgic charm of that first assemblage in thanks of a bountiful harvest here on New England's Atlantic shores.

Flying for the holiday? Compare flight prices for your Thanksgiving travel with Kayak.com.

In the Spotlight

Spend Thanksgiving in New England
Planning a Thanksgiving getaway to Plymouth or other New England destinations? I'll help you find special Thanksgiving travel packages, historic places to visit and Thanksgiving Day dining options.

Thanksgiving Dinner New England-Style
Celebrate with the Pilgrims, or bring a New England touch to your own holiday with these recipes and complete Thanksgiving dinner menus.

Thanksgiving Trivia Quiz
Do you have the gizzards to be a Top Turkey? Test your knowledge of Thanksgiving history, trivia and traditions with this fun-for-all-ages interactive quiz.

Cross Plymouth Rock Off Your Bucket List
There's no historic site more firmly steeped in Pilgrim mystique than Plymouth Rock. If you haven't made your own pilgrimage to Plymouth, Massachusetts, make plans this Thanksgiving season to cross a visit to America's most iconic rock off your travel bucket list.

Cranberry Recipes from New England
Massachusetts hauls in one of the largest crops of cranberries in the world each year (see how they're harvested on this photo tour). If you plan to serve cranberry dishes at your Thanksgiving meal, here are more than 20 cranberry recipes straight from New England for you to try.

Free Thanksgiving Coloring Pages
Keep the kids amused on your Thanksgiving car trip or teach them a bit about the history behind the Thanksgiving holiday with my collection of free Thanksgiving coloring pages featuring Pilgrims, Indians and the Mayflower.

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