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New England Thanksgiving Travel Guide

Vacation Ideas, Getaway Packages, Sights, Deals, Dining, More!


Plymouth Rock Picture

Plymouth Rock commemorates the Pilgrims' arrival in America.

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Have you always dreamed of celebrating Thanksgiving in the land of the Pilgrims? New England offers up a bounty of Thanksgiving travel possibilities. I'm here to guide you as you plan your New England Thanksgiving vacation!

Start here for deals, flights, lodging packages, attractions and other travel ideas you'll need to plan a memorable Thanksgiving getaway in New England.

When is Thanksgiving?
Plan ahead with this guide to Thanksgiving dates for 2014 through 2020.

Flying for the Holiday?
Search for Cheap Flights with TripAdvisor or compare flight prices for your Thanksgiving travel with Expedia.com.

Thanksgiving in New England
Planning a Thanksgiving getaway to Plymouth or other New England destinations? Here are some resources for special lodgings packages, historic places to visit and Thanksgiving dining.

Visit Plymouth Rock
What's the most visited rock in New England? Plymouth Rock, of course. As Thanksgiving approaches, plan to visit this monument that marks the Pilgrims' landing.

Plimoth Plantation: A Photo Album
Plan your visit to Plimoth Plantation, and get a preview of what you'll see with this guide and photo tour.

The Pilgrim Monument
The Pilgrim Monument is located in Provincetown at the tip of Cape Cod, not in Plymouth as you might have guessed. That is because the Pilgrims landed first at Cape Cod before settling permanently in Plymouth. Climb the Pilgrim Monument, America's tallest granite structure, for spectacular Cape Cod views.

Kim's New England Deal Sheet
Check my "Deal Sheet" for the latest packages, tours and special offers updated weekly throughout the holiday travel season.

New England Accommodations
Start your search for a place to stay here.

Family Visits at Holidays: Avoid Pitfalls on the Trip to Grandma's House
Family Vacations Guide Teresa Plowright helps families dodge conflicts and other pitfalls when traveling during the Thanksgiving holiday season.

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