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Thanksgiving Jigsaw Puzzles

These Online Puzzles Featuring Thanksgiving Pictures Are Fun... and Addictive!


I've created a fun collection of Thanksgiving Jigsaw Puzzles--online games that you can play on your computer. Some are easy; some are hard. All of them are addictive! And when you assemble the puzzle pieces, you'll be left with photographic images of Thanksgiving and its origins here in New England. Play with them while you're waiting for the turkey to cook or as a pleasant distraction from work. Good luck!

Plimoth Plantation Pilgrims Jigsaw Puzzle
Easy 20-Piece Classic Version
Hard 51-Piece Crazy Version

Mayflower Compact Jigsaw Puzzle
Easy 16-Piece Blocks Version
Hard 79-Piece Bricks Version

Sharing Thanksgiving Jigsaw Puzzle
Easy 22-Piece Polygons Version
Hard 44-Piece Tri-Dove Version

Pilgrim Mural Jigsaw Puzzle
Easy 22-Piece Wavy Version
Hard 48-Piece Classic Version

Mayflower II Jigsaw Puzzle
Easy 20-Piece Classic Version
Hard 41-Piece Tetris Version

Note: Once you select a puzzle, you can actually choose from dozens of difficulty levels and styles by clicking on "Change Cut." Move jigsaw puzzle pieces by clicking and dragging with your mouse. For help, click the Auto Solve link.

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