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Flea Markets in New England

Find a Bargain during your Visit to New England with this Guide to Flea Markets


Flea Market Photo

Score a bargain at one of the many New England flea markets.

(c) 2002 Kim Knox Beckius
Flea markets are a New England summer staple. As you drive New England's meandering country roads and explore the region's small towns, the likelihood of stumbling upon an outdoor flea market is quite high.

Flea markets seem to spring up in parking lots, vacant fields and at fairgrounds just about every weekend during the summer travel season. Many of these flea markets are fundraising events for local organizations, so they may only occur one weekend or even one day of the year. If scouting for bargains at a flea market is one of your passions, be sure to ask your innkeepers and others you meet during your travels for information about flea market events, or pick up a local newspaper when you arrive.

If you'd rather not leave finding a New England flea market to chance, though, this guide will help you to locate regularly operating flea markets in all six New England states: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont. Among the markets, you'll also find a few that operate indoors year-round.

Happy hunting!

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