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What are Fiddleheads?


Fiddleheads Picture

Fiddlehead ferns are a New England spring delicacy.

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Definition: Fiddleheads are a New England spring delicacy. They appear on menus and in markets in the region from about May through early July. What exactly are these deep green, coiled vegetables, though? Fiddleheads are actually young fern fronds that have not yet opened up. They must be picked during a two-week window before the fern unfurls. Fiddleheads are named for their appearance, which resembles the scroll at the head or top of a fiddle. The ostrish fern is the species that produces these edible shoots, which have a unique texture but taste a bit like asparagus or okra. Fiddleheads can be consumed raw or cooked.

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Also Known As: fiddlehead fern, ostrich fern, pohole

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