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Apple Cider Drink Recipes

Alcoholic & Non-Alcoholic Cider Beverages for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Any Time!


Hot Apple Cider Streudel Drink - Photo

This hot cider drink is a perfect chill chaser after a hayride, hike or other fall outing with friends or as a reward following an afternoon of raking.

© 2008 Michael Snyder

Take a sip of cider and close your eyes. Surely there is no taste that is more evocative of New England on a clear, crisp, golden autumn day.

Whether you're looking to mix some impressive cider cocktails to impress company, to warm your insides after a brisk hiking outing, to serve a special beverage at your Halloween or Thanksgiving celebration or to concoct a punch for the kids, these alcoholic and non-alcoholic cider beverage recipes are sure to remind you of days spent in New England. Of course, my biased opinion is that they'll all taste best with fresh New England cider.


Hot Apple Cider Streudel, from guest contributor and professional mixologist Michael Snyder.

Apple Cider Au Pear, from guest contributor and professional mixologist Michael Snyder.

Allspiced Cider, from RecipeLand.

Apple Pie Martini, from Navan Vanilla Liqueur.

Cider and Tequila Hot Toddy, from Recipezaar.

Cider Martini, from martinilovers.com.

Dudley Eppel's Hot Cider-Cranberry Punch, from the recipe archive at ichef.

Hard Apple Cider, from Recipe Cottage.

Hot Buttered Cider, from Flora's Recipe Hideout.

Mulled Cider with Calvados, from epicurious.

Buttered Rum-Spiced Cider, from Betty Crocker.

Pumpkin Patch Cocktail, an apple cider meets pumpkin bourbon concoction from Hotel Vermont Head Bartender Nick Roy.


Flavor of Vermont Mulled Cider, from The Official Vermont Maple Cookbook.

Cider Snap, with dissolved Red Cinnamon Candies, from Recipezaar.

Hot Mulled Cider in the Microwave, from Cooks.com.

Hot Raspberry Cider, from the Michigan Apple Committee.

Hot Spiced Cider, from About.com Southern Food Guide Diana Rattray.

Hot Spiced Cider Halloween Recipe for Kids, from About.com Parenting Teens Guide Denise Witmer.

Minted Cider Punch, from eHow.

Notchland "Muddled" Cider, from The Notchland Inn in Hart's Location, New Hampshire.

Sparkling Cider, from cdkitchen.com.

Wassail Punch, from Allrecipes.com.


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