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Boston Baked Beans

It's Not Called Beantown for Nothing!


Boston Baked Beans

When you think of traditional New England dishes, it's tough not to put Boston Baked Beans near the top of the list. Boston Baked Beans have a fascinating history, and these recipes will tempt you to try preparing this signature New England dish.

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Ever wonder why Boston is called Beantown? Boston Online's FAQ says beans slow-baked in molasses have been a favorite Boston dish since colonial days, when the city was "awash in molasses" due to its rum-producing role in the "triangular trade." Sugar cane harvested by slaves in the West Indies was shipped to Boston to be made into rum to be sent to West Africa to buy more slaves to send to the West Indies. Even after slavery's end, Boston continued to be a big rum-producing city. The Great Molasses Flood of 1919, which killed 21 and injured 150, occurred when a 50-foot tank holding 2.5 million gallons of molasses for production of rum and industrial alcohol exploded. What a way to go!

On a much more pleasant note, Boston Baked Beans continue to be one of New England's most-loved traditional dishes, and I've scoured the Web to find you a delightful assortment of recipes that you can make to bring the flavor of this New England favorite home. I'll also point you to a few places online where you can order bean pots, Boston Baked Bean mixes and even already prepared Boston Baked Beans if you don't have time to wait for your beans to bake... or if you're suddenly afraid to handle molasses!

Recipes for Boston Baked Beans

Crock Pot Boston Baked Beans - From Kim's New England Kitchen, here's an easy recipe for flavorful Boston Baked Beans, the perfect side dish for summer cookouts.

Boston Baked Beans - From About.com's Barbecues & Grilling Guide Derrick Riches, here's a simple recipe for making slow-simmered beans in a large pot or slow cooker.

Boston Baked Beans - Here's an eight-ingredient recipe from Jacquie's Food Link.

Boston Baked Beans - From About.com's Southern Food Guide Diana Rattray, here's a great recipe for cooking Boston Baked Beans in a crockpot.

Boston Baked Beans - About.com's Home Cooking Guide Peggy Trowbridge Filippone presents this slow-baked version of the classic, reprinted from What's Cooking America.

Boston Bacon Baked Beans - About.com's American Food Guide John Mitzewich gives Boston Baked Beans a twist--this recipe calls for bacon instead of traditional salt pork.

Boston Baked Beans and Brown Bread - Boston Brown Bread is the perfect accompaniment to Boston Baked Beans: Here are recipes passed down by a New England family for both.

Boston Baked Beans Mix in a Jar Recipe - Want to give someone the gift of Boston Baked Beans? This recipe allows you to prepare a baked bean "kit" in a jar with instructions for the lucky recipient.

Boston-Style Baked Beans - This recipe from Jim Barricks Alcohol-Free Recipes includes nutrition facts.

Culinary Cafe's Boston Baked Beans - Culinary Cafe gives this traditional recipe a sweet twist with pineapple chunks.

Durgin Park's Boston Baked Beans - From Boston's Durgin Park restaurant, winner of the prestigious 1998 James Beard "American Regional Classics" award, here's a traditional recipe for the city's famous beans.

Franks & Boston Baked Beans - Add some chicken franks to the traditional bean dish.

Gourmet's Boston Baked Beans - Garden Guides reproduces this 1946 "favorite" recipe from Gourmet magazine.

Old-Fashioned Boston Baked Beans - From inmamaskitchen.com, here's a traditional recipe for Boston Baked Beans that is over 130 years old.

Quick and Easy Boston Baked Beans - Don't have hours to slow-cook your beans? This recipe posted on The Recipe Link speeds things up.

Roger Williams's Boston Baked Beans - Here's a traditional recipe from Boston Online.

Traditional Boston Baked Bean Recipe - About.com 's American Food Guide, John Mitzewich, shares this old-fashioned recipe for cooking Boston Baked Beans the slow way.

Vegetarian Boston Baked Beans - It's Not Easy Eating Green shares this recipe for a vegetarian variation on traditional Boston Baked Beans, prepared on the stove and slow-cooked in the oven.

Order Boston Baked Beans Online

Here are a few online shopping resources for having Boston Baked Beans gifts delivered to your doorstep.

Boston Bean Pot Gifts from The Pot Shop of Boston - These authentic bean pots from Boston can be ordered alone or with one-pound bags of baking beans.

Maple Baked Beans from Dakin Farm - Well, they're not from Boston, but these Maple Baked Beans from Vermont's Dakin Farm come in a can, which makes it easy to savor a taste of New England without hovering over a bean pot all day.


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