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Meet Your Meat
Buy Bison Burgers and Other Buffalo Meat
and Visit the Herd at Alta Vista Farm

Bison Image

It's the other red meat...

Bison is lower in fat and cholesterol and higher in protein than beef, pork or chicken. And, at Alta Vista Farm in Rutland, Massachusetts, you can not only shop for buffalo roasts, ribs, steaks, burgers and, believe it or not, hotdogs, you can view these once nearly extinct beasts up close.

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Photo of Bison BurgerBuffalo PhotoCommonly called buffalo but more accurately referred to as American Bison, these creatures once numbered in the millions but were killed off in great numbers during America's westward expansion as they were hunted for their hides and even for sport. By 1890, less than 1,000 bison remained.

The bison population in the U.S. has made a remarkable comeback, though, largely because of the efforts of ranchers and farmers.

Photograph of Alta Vista Farm in Rutland MassachusettsAlta Vista Farm began its transition from a dairy farm to a bison farm in the late 1960s. Eventually, the Mann family, which has owned the historic 1724 farm since 1951, sold its beef herd to focus solely on bison. Their retail shop began making a variety of bison meat cuts and Native American and bison gifts available to the public in 1994.

Native American Crafts for Sale at Farm in MassachusettsThe store is open from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays January through May and Wednesdays through Sundays from June through December. Call ahead, (508) 886-4365, to inquire about the availability of hayrides out to see the herd for your family or group. The grazing giants can also be viewed from the road.

Photograph from Bison Days FestivalEven better, visit the farm during the Bison Days weekend festival held annually in September. Not only does the festival feature tractor-drawn hayrides that take you out into the midst of the bison herd (would you believe that a loaf of white bread is the magical "bait" that makes the buffalo gather 'round?), it also offers a chance to sample buffalo burgers and hotdogs, to learn about Native American culture and to shop for traditional crafts.

Bison PictureDon't be shy to try bison meat. Pick up the free cooking tips and recipes leaflets at the farm, and you'll have all of the inspiration you need to sample this healthy, lean beef alternative.

If you are going... Alta Vista Farm is located in Rutland, Massachusetts, the town that is at the geographic center of the state. It's about an hour's drive west of Boston. From Rutland Center, follow Route 56 South toward Paxton for one mile. Turn left on Prescott Street, which becomes Hillside Road. You will see Alta Vista Farm approximately two miles in on the right.

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Alta Vista Farm
80 Hillside Road, Rutland, Massachusetts 01543, (508) 886-4365

Picture of Buffalo Sticking its Tongue Out

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