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New England Wineries Guide

Sample New England Wines: A Guide to Tours & Tastings at Regional Vineyards


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New England's wineries produce an intriguing array of fine wines.

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From coastal Chardonnays to the apple and blueberry wines of Maine, New England wineries produce an eclectic array of vintages. Even better, many of the region's vineyards welcome visitors to not only taste their wine selections, but to view and learn more about the wine making process.

Whether you're looking to visit one winery while you're in New England or to plan an entire itinerary around "vineyard hopping," this guide will point you to places to visit in all six New England states. You're least likely to find wineries open during the winter months, though many stay open year round. The fall foliage season is a splendid time of year to plan a winery-themed tour of one or more New England states.

Don't miss the chance to stay at a B&B that produces its own wine in Connecticut, to taste "vineless" wines in Maine, to help with the fall grape harvest in Massachusetts, to see the complete wine creation process from start to finish in New Hampshire, to visit a historic Victorian farm and winery in Rhode Island, and to sip pear wine in Vermont.

Keep in mind, too, that when you buy and bring home bottles of New England-made wine, you'll be able to relive your New England vacation memories at the twist of a corkscrew.

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