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New England Leaf Alert
New England Fall Foliage Reports on the Net

The Internet is a great resource for timely information, and if you're looking to stay abreast of changing foliage conditions in New England this fall, the links below will provide regularly updated reports on the progress of the fall season. Or, if you prefer to call for information, consult this list of Foliage Report Hotlines.

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leaf graphicNew England Region

Fall Foliage in The Northeast
The Weather Channel provides regular updates online showing which New England areas are starting to show colors, which are near or at peak and which are past peak. Their maps will give you an overall sense of how the fall season is progressing in New England and where your best bets are for seeing peak fall foliage on any given day.

leaf graphicConnecticut

Connecticut Fall Foliage Report
The Connecticut Bureau of Forestry provides regular reports on current foliage conditions statewide, along with projections on how the season will progress. It is estimated peak foliage for 2015 will arrive in various regions of the state between October 3 and November 15.

leaf graphicMaine

Maine Fall Foliage Reports
The Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry updates foliage conditions throughout the state every Wednesday from mid-September through mid-October.

leaf graphicMassachusetts

Massachusetts Fall Foliage Report
The Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism is taking a real-time approach to fall foliage reports in 2015. The Massachusetts Instafoliage Map is updated throughout each day with photos travelers post to Instagram or Twitter with the #MAinstafoliage hashtag.

leaf graphicNew Hampshire

New Hampshire Fall Foliage Tracker
The New Hampshire Division of Travel & Tourism Development offers the latest information on predicted fall foliage conditions in the state's seven regions, based on historic data tracking.

leaf graphicVermont

Vermont Fall Foliage Reports
The Vermont Department of Tourism and Marketing provides weekly updates via email on changing color conditions statewide. Discover the week's best bets before you set out to leaf peep in Vermont by subscribing to these free alerts online.

leaf graphicNeighboring New York

New York State Fall Foliage Report
Keep up with detailed weekly foliage reports from the New York State Department of Economic Development this fall. Foliage updates begin September 16, 2015.

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Planning to join in the leaf peeping fun this fall? Head to the New England Travel home page, where you'll find the latest fall travel stories and ideas throughout the season.

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Leaf Graphics from Maine Fall Foliage Clip Art by Debby Fowles.

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