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I'll Send You a Free Fall Leaf!

Request One or a Few Leaves for a Fall Craft Project


Autumn Leaf Photo

Autumn is New England's most beautiful season.

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Updated October 23, 2013
It's not the shirt off my back, but what other girl would send you the fall leaves from her travels?

I love autumn! And as I wander New England each fall, I always pick up, press and save the most beautiful of the leaves that I find scattered on the ground. Some are just too spectacular to suffer the fate of the rake! Or even worse... yikes... one of those leaf-mauling machines!

So once again, I have decided--why not share these rescued treasures of the fall with you? Would a free leaf in the mail remind you of times you've spent in New England? Would it allow you to create a leaf rubbing masterpiece with a little one in your life? Would it just look colorful and pretty sitting on your desk or displayed on your refrigerator? Would you like to someday be able to tell the grandkids and great-grandkids that you're the proud owner of a genuine New England leaf that fell in the year 2013?

Here's How to Get Your Free New England Fall Leaf:

Just send a self-addressed, stamped envelope postmarked by October 26, 2013 to me at:

Kim Knox Beckius, New England Travel Guide
P.O. Box 34
Canton, CT 06019

There's no need to include a note, but do write if you'd like more than one leaf for some reason or if you'd just like to let me know why a leaf in the mail will make your day. A letter- or business-size envelope with a 46-cent stamp (or forever stamp) should be adequate if you'd like a leaf or two, but, if for any reason you'd like to request a LOT of leaves for a craft project or class activity, please send a larger return envelope and try to estimate the necessary postage (stamps only; no metered postage, please). Also, please let me know how many kids are in your class or group.

International Requests: Please include US$1 with your request to cover the cost of air-mail postage to any non-U.S. address.

And don't worry... I won't be using your address for any other purposes. I'm not that organized, I'm too busy collecting leaves and besides, About.com has a privacy policy.

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