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Fall Foliage Driving Tours in New England

Scenic Routes to Follow on Your Fall Foliage Trip


Picture - View from Car on Fall Foliage

Fall is the perfect season for a New England road trip.

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Updated June 13, 2014
Fall Driving Tour Quick Links: Connecticut | Maine | Massachusetts | New Hampshire | Rhode Island | Vermont | New York

"Honey, pull over!"

Choruses of that phrase are sure to be echoing throughout New England in the fall months as "leaf peepers" descend upon the region. You're sure to stumble across great spots to pull off New England's scenic, winding highways and byways to savor a picnic or to capture special photographs or just to breathe in the crisp autumn air and appreciate and contemplate the beauty of nature's dazzling display.

But, why leave those "Kodak moments" or "Instagram Instants" (thanks to @mvshaw!) to chance? With a little planning, and the vast resources of the Internet, you can map out a strategic driving route through one or all of the six New England states that's sure to take you past the best fall foliage viewing spots.

Use these links to find the best the Web has to offer for fall driving tours in each of the six New England states: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont, plus neighboring New York. You'll find everything from a covered bridges driving tour in Vermont to a trip along Massachusetts' Mohawk Trail, to a scenic drive past foliage and farmstands near New York's picturesque Lake George.

Have your own favorite scenic driving route for this incomparable time of year? Post to the New England Forum, and share your fall driving ideas with fellow visitors.

"Are we there yet?"
(Hopefully you won't hear that one too often!) Just to be safe, print these Free Fall Leaf Coloring Pages to keep kids amused in the car.

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Enjoy your road trip!

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