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Cyber-Leaf Peeping

Web Cams Are a Great Way to Watch as the Leaves Turn in New England


Updated September 11, 2013
Can't get to New England this fall to visually imbibe of nature's colorful display? Never fear! As the leaves turn, the Internet can transport you to scenic spots, and you, too, can be among the throngs of "leaf peepers" who descend on New England each autumn. A number of organizations have set up "Leaf Cams" on the Web so you can follow the season's progression, and actually, this time of year, any New England Web Cam is a Leaf Cam.

These Web Cam snapshots and live video images can also be helpful if you are headed out to explore New England in the next few weeks, providing a sneak preview of what you'll see when you arrive. Because many factors influence the speed at which autumn's colors blaze and fade, Internet Web Cams provide up-to-date visual information that can help you to pinpoint the best places for a drive or hike.

Here are a dozen Web Cam resources for your cyber-leaf peeping pleasure:

1. Fall Foliage Cam
I have a new favorite Leaf Cam for 2013! At explore.org, you can watch leaves rustling in the breeze live on screen as they shed their green. This cam is focused on a large white ash tree in Ipswich, Massachusetts, and you can also see a red maple in the view, too.

2. Burlington and Lake Champlain Web Cam
This view of Lake Champlain from Burlington, Vermont, courtesy of CAMNET, shows the changing of the trees as it is updated every 15 minutes.

3. Glen Cove Maine Cam
A better view can change your whole attitude! This Cam overlooking the tree-lined shore of Glen Cove near Rockland, Maine, sends new images to the server every three minutes.

4. Boston College Web Cams
Ah... remember fall days spent on campus? These live action Web cams from Boston College in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts, will whisk you right back to those days of youthful simplicity. The Boston Skyline and Higgins Stairs cams are your best bets for spying trees with colorful leaves.

5. Weirs Channel Cam
Trees frame this view of Weirs Channel in New Hampshire's Lakes Region. You'll be treated to a colorful fall foliage display as this camera provides an updated image every two to three minutes.

6. Views of Mount Washington
Watch live pictures of fall's vivid display from seven Web Cams including the Observatory Cam on New Hampshire's Mount Washington--the highest point in New England.

7. Mt. Katahdin Cam
From Crown of Maine NETworks, this gorgeous view of Maine's mile-high Mt. Katahdin is framed in foliage, so click back often to watch for color changes. Images are updated every 15 minutes.

8. A View from Blue Hill Observatory
From CAMNET, enjoy sweeping fall views from twin Web Cams positioned at historic Blue Hill Meteorological Observatory, located atop a scenic mountain range south of Boston.

9. Vermont View from the Dovetail Inn
It's almost like being there.... The Dovetail Inn in Dorset, Vermont, provides this ever changing view from the inn.

10. Killington Live Web Cam
This live camera at Killington in Vermont looks out over the golf course, so take a look around at the leaves and the leaf peepers who are enjoying this scenic course during the final months of the golf season.

11. New York State Thruway Cameras
It's easy to get distracted by the fall foliage views as you drive along scenic segments of the New York State Thruway. It's much safer to glimpse the fall colors from behind a monitor instead of behind the wheel. The New York State Thruway Authority has dozens of Web Cams positioned statewide. In just a few clicks, you can take a foliage tour of all of New York State.

12. Fall at the Falls
A live view of Niagara Falls as fall descends--could anything be more soothing? This view provided by the Embassy Suites Hotel, looking back at New York from the Canadian side of Niagara Falls, provides continually streaming views of this great natural wonder at a spectacular time of the year.

And don't forget, you can peek outside my window with me throughout the season as the leaves change in Central Connecticut.

Enjoy the View!

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