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Spend a Day in Shelburne Falls

Massachusetts Town is a Perfect Day-Trip Destination


Bridge of Flowers Shelburne Falls

The Bridge of Flowers is just one of the charms of Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts.

(c) 1999 Kim Knox Beckius
I knew of the fabled "Bridge of Flowers" long before I knew of its "home"--the sleepy, riverside village of Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts, in the eastern foothills of the Berkshire Mountains.

I'd read that the one-of-a-kind blooming bridge was easily within daytrip distance of my home in central Connecticut, and with the help of About's former Western Massachusetts Guide, Jason Simon, I found it--and the wonderful New England town where it's situated--on a spectacularly sunny Sunday in May of 1999.

While the Bridge of Flowers is definitely Shelburne Falls' "claim to fame," drawing an estimated 15,000 visitors per year to stroll its expanse and admire its fragrant and colorful displays that bloom continuously from April through October, there are just enough additional attractions to make the village a perfect place to spend a day. From the glacier-carved "potholes" at the base of the falls to a museum that commemorates the age of trolleys, delightful shops and galleries where you can watch artisans at work and many fine examples of 19th century Victorian architecture, Shelburne Falls defies the pace of modern life--even I left my laptop at home (but not the digital camera)!

Unlike some of the classic New England towns that are overrun with tourists in the summer and fall, Shelburne Falls remains a bit of an undiscovered pot of gold at the end of a bridge decked with a rainbow of blossoms. Here's your guide to finding Shelburne Falls and visiting its shops and attractions.

Shelburne Falls Guide

Getting to Shelburne Falls

The Bridge of Flowers

The Glacial Potholes

Shelburne Falls Trolley Museum

Shopping Shelburne Falls

For more information about Shelburne Falls, visit the Shelburne Falls Area Business Association Web site or call 413-625-2544.

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