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Castle in the Clouds: A Stunning Place to Spend a Day

Thursday May 29, 2014
If I won the Powerball drawing and could buy any New England property, it would be Castle in the Clouds. Luckily, when the Castle Springs water bottling company put this New Hampshire estate on the block in 2001, the Lakes Region Conservation Trust did hit the jackpot: Thousands of donors contributed to ensure this wondrous landmark would remain forever preserved and open to the public. Join me on a castle photo tour, then plan your own visit.

Also in Moultonborough... The Oldest Store in the USA... Perhaps!

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Castle in the Clouds photo 2009 Kim Knox Beckius.

Must-See Vermont Attractions

Wednesday May 28, 2014
Believe it or not, Killington's 2013-14 ski season lasted 199 days. That's more than half a year! But summer in the Green Mountain State really can't be far away, so it's time to make plans to experience the state's top enticements that don't require a coat of snow. My guide to the 12 best things to do in Vermont is the perfect starting place.

Weigh In: Tell us about your favorite Vermont attraction.

More Vermont Travel Ideas:

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Billings Farm photo 2008 Kim Knox Beckius.

Stretch Your New England Travel Budget

Tuesday May 27, 2014
New additions this week to Kim's New England Deal Sheet:
  • Cut the costs of a Mystic, Connecticut, vacation with the Mystic Pass Card;
  • Save $5 on admission during Guest Appreciation Days at New Hampshire's Santa's Village May 31-June 1 and June 7-8; and
  • Participate in free treks and events throughout New England on National Trails Day June 7.
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Santa's Village reindeer photo 2006 Kim Knox Beckius.

What's Thrilling and Relaxing and Totally Cool?

Sunday May 25, 2014
Tubing on Connecticut's Farmington River! When hot days arrive in New England, it's time to rent a bright yellow tube for a 2.5-mile river ride. Here's your guide to this fun attraction, which is open daily for the summer season... just in time for Memorial Day's temperatures in the 80s. Print or show this Facebook post to save 50% on your tube ride on Memorial Day.

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Farmington River Tubing photo © 2005 Kim Knox Beckius

It's Fiddlehead Season!

Sunday May 18, 2014
Fiddleheads PhotoI saw fiddleheads in the produce aisle at my local supermarket today for the first time this season. What is this New England spring delicacy? I'm glad you asked! I'll tell you all about fiddleheads. You may just find yourself inspired to try one of the 18 recipes in my collection of fiddleheads recipes from New England.

Can't get fiddleheads where you live? Earthy Delights ships fresh or frozen fiddleheads to your door.

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Fiddleheads photo © 2004 Kim Knox Beckius.

My New England Travel Web Site is Sweet 16!

Thursday May 15, 2014
It's the anniversary of the day my New England site went "live," and I can't believe my baby is Sweet 16! Realizing the Internet was going to be a thing way back in 1998 was the smartest move of my life. If you missed today's About New England Travel newsletter, here's a look at 10 of my favorite stories from the past 16 years. Can you believe I've hugged both a beluga whale and a baby moose?

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Yes, that's me in 1998 on my first big work adventure: a Maine moose safari.

Memorial Day Deals in New England

Wednesday May 14, 2014
New additions this week to Kim's New England Deal Sheet:
  • New Hampshire's Inn at Ellis River offers a Memorial Day escape including two racing rubber duckies that might win you prizes at the Wildquack Duck River Festival;
  • Boston's Museum of Fine Arts opens its doors free on Memorial Day; and
  • The Paradise City Arts Festival runs Memorial Day Weekend in Northampton, Massachusetts, and you can save $2 off admission by printing an online coupon.
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Museum of Fine Arts, Boston photo 2011 Kim Knox Beckius.

New England Beer Festival Guide

Monday May 12, 2014
New England was at the forefront of the microbrew revolution, and with demand for specialty beers surging--even last year when the overall beer market was down--there's no better place to enjoy independently crafted brews. Want to sample a whole bunch at once? Find the right craft brew for you at one of these summer beer festivals in New England and neighboring New York State.

More for Beer Lovers:Beer photo © Kim Knox Beckius.

Visit the Birthplace of the Hamburger

Sunday May 11, 2014
May is National Hamburger Month, a perfect time to visit the birthplace of the hamburger. Come along with me on a visit to Louis' Lunch in New Haven, Connecticut, and I'll tell you the story of how Louis Lassen made fast food history in 1900. If you decide to head to New Haven for a taste of history, be sure to read my advice, or you might do something silly... like ask for ketchup.

While You're In New Haven...
Explore the Center Church Crypt
Enjoy Vegetarian Fare at Claire's Corner Copia
Shop at Connecticut's Only IKEA Store

Making Hamburgers at Home?
Try this Hamburger Relish Recipe, submitted by Lorraine Mineweaser.

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Louis' Lunch photo © 2005 Kim Knox Beckius.

14 New Things to See and Do in New England This Summer

Saturday May 10, 2014
New England has a remarkable line-up of new things to see and do this summer. Whether you want to sip spirits or swing 40 stories above New England, sleep in a French-inspired manor or a retro motel, cruise to Canada or get an up-close view of Australian creatures, roll like a casino tycoon or like Indiana Jones escaping across a rope bridge, weather-proof your family vacation or experience the world's worst weather, this is the year you need to visit New England.

Click "Comments" below to tell us which of these new attractions are on your summer bucket list!

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Nova Star photo 2014 Kim Knox Beckius.

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